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Well, That's a Relief

On the Sunday of Interaction, as I was walking from the fan lounge to the Convention Center, I suddenly got an enormous floater smack in the middle of my right eye. It disappeared over the next few weeks but then I started seeing lots of little ones and small flashes of light in the corner of my right eye. Since my extreme near-sightedness puts me at increased risk, all my eye doctors have made sure I knew the symptoms of retinal detachment and this was absolutely textbook. After several weeks of denial I saw the doctor today. It was the vitreous which detached not the retina. This is good actually -- relieves some of the pressure on the retina. It happened in my left eye 6 or 8 years ago and I've never had another moment of trouble with it. Man that's a relief!

In other health news, I have made an appt. with a highly recommended psych who specializes in neuropharmacology. It's not until Oct. 17, but what the hell. At least I finally made the appt. Immobilization is a really yucky part of depression!

Yesterday was a really not good day -- I even missed my yoga lesson which I'd been looking forward to. On the other hand, Tom DeLay was indicted yesterday so it wasn't alll bad. I keep thinking of that and grinnning and I don't feel even a little bit guilty. I only hope he gets what he deserves. I've always been more into justice rather than mercy -- another thing that makes me a really bad Christian.

And in just 5 hours we'll be watching Serenity. Life is not bad, in spite of the grey, cold, rainy weather. Where DID I put that lightbox?
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