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Seduced, Betrayed, and Abandonded

Well we went, with great expectations, to see Serenity at the midnight movie last night. And indeed I enjoyed it greatly, right up to the time Whedon killed off Wash. It was not a thing which advanced the plot. It did not help character development. (For instance, it would have been a lot more interesting to see how Wash might handle Zoe's death than to watch yet another Warrior Woman with a stiff upper lip.) There was absolutely no reason for it other than to squeeze our emotions. As I walked out of the theater at 2:15am, sunk in misery and depression, I kept telling myself he was only a fictional character. But he was a fictional character whom Whedon spent a great deal of his considerable talent making warm, loving, and intensely likeable. He was my favorite character on the show and I genuinely feel I've lost a friend; someone I really cared about. And for no fucking reason other than to twist our hearts. Which is why I'll never again willingly watch a Joss Whedon production. I've been thinking about it most of the day; I won't even be able to re-watch the Firefly dvds, knowing, as I do, what's coming. One stupid act ruined the whole thing.

It's entirely possible I'm wrong and unreasonable here. I've been struggling to fight off depression for several months and I've lost that battle today. I'm right down there in the depths where getting up and getting dressed seems both pointless and too difficult to even begin to consider.
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